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Dated: 01/18/2018

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Notes on Style Design and Fine Living

Brittany Stewart

Home Owners’ Painting Tip 1:

Leave your paint professional clearance and space to paint. For example, in the bathroom clean behind the toilet and remove any toiletries from counter tops to make sure your painter has space to paint and can work quickly. While your painter will be happy to help clear any clutter, remember they are paid by the hour and pre-cleanup with save you money.

Image title

Photo Credit: Habitually Chic, Designer: Steven Gambrel

Paint Guess: 

Lower Cabinet Body: Sherwin Williams Cyberspace SW7076 

Lower Cabinet Primary Accent : Sherwin Williams Online SW 7072

Lower Cabinet Secondary Accent :  Sherwin Wiliiams Sea Salt SW 6204

Home Owners’ Painting Tip 2:

Actually prepare clearance in all the rooms. This includes the removal of switch plates and outlet covers. If unsure of what might be in the way, ask your paint professional’s administrative team what might help your project move quickly and smoothly. If the outside of your home is being painted, trim all your greenery at least eighteen inches away from your home- don’t forget to move your topiaries, potted plants, decorative holders and sculptures as well. Remember to also secure a protective cover over your greenery. Painters are painters, not movers or gardeners after all.

Image title

Photo Credit: Elle Decor, Industrial Designer, Liam Mooney, Photographer: Adam Letch 

Paint Guess: Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005

Home Owners’ Painting Tip 3:

Back to the bathroom. After your bathroom is painted, and you have completed a walkthrough, sit on the toilet and let your eyes fall where they naturally land while on the toilet. Afterwards, use your new line of sight to inspect the room for missed and nicked spots. Remember your line of sight is determined by whatever activity you are doing- you will likely miss some spots during your walkthrough if you just walk through.

Be strategic while inspecting your other rooms as well. After completing a regular walkthrough in your living room or kitchen, pretend to vacuum or mop to catch any items that need to be touched up before your painter leaves.

In my experience, painters are extremely meticulous and happy to be the mode of making everything perfect, so do ask for a walkthrough after your painters have completed the job, if for some reason a walkthrough has not been offered to you.

Image title

Image title

Photo Credit: Habitually Chic, Designer: Alyssa Kapito 

Paint Guess: Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

White is my absolute favorite color- and there are a ton of whites to choose from. In this beautiful Alyssa Kapito room, the white is really dimensional, looking more stark in the sun and looking more cream against the sunlight and next to the custard colored curtains. I have decide this paint color is likely Alabaster, a color that boasts its yellow beige undertones when paired next to colors with similar undertones. When alone, Alabaster's undertones become quite shy. 

Home Owners’ Painting Tip 4:

Protect anything precious or eternally stained by paint. Canvas cloth is the professional recommendation but can become costly at about twenty dollars per cloth. If the items you are covering are not precious and will not be ruined by adhesive, cut garbage bags in to custom shapes to help cover what you don’t want painted.

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Photo Credit: Habitually Chic, Where: Musee Picasso Paris, France 

Paint Guess: Sherwin Williams After the Rain 9047

Home Owners’ Painting Tip 5:

Collect at least three bids for your paint project and discuss material costs with your painter, to be sure you will end up with quality that meets your standards. A great painter will tell you where you need to spend money and where you don’t.

If it is your first paint project working with a professional, speak to a friendly associate at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. Because of their leveraged position in the marketplace of home goods, you will get a lot of unbiased information about where it is worth spending money and where it is not.

Image title

This room instantly reminded me of the promotional cinematography for the new movie, Phantom Thread! The shades of raspberry, cotton candy and red velvet cake really is both romantic and sweet- this color scheme really is for the gourmand! 

Image title

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest, Designer: Timothy Corrigan

Paint Guess: Sherwin Williams Bathe Blue 6771

Home Owners’ Painting Tip 6:

Paint, is one of those things. The cost of paint often reflects its performance, ask your professional painter about their expectations and experience with their recommended brands. Premium brands, especially satin finish paints, stand up to being washed and cleaned over time and still look great.

Well formulated paint also requires less coats for an even, uniform application and lasts longer. Less coats save money on your project now and a longer life span saves money on your project in the future.

Image title

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest, inspired by the 2018 Designer Trend Report, Painter: Malcom Robson

Paint Color Confirmed:  Benjamin Moore  Hay Stack 

However, because paint color of the same name can vary over time, I would say the beautiful upholstered chairs and pillows look more like Benjamin Moore's Hay Stack today than the walls do.  

Home Owners’ Painting Tip 7:

After negotiating the price, always choose the professional you enjoyed speaking with the most, especially if you have a large paint project. You will need to communicate with your professional painter about materials, quality, and post project care - you simply don’t want the headache of hiring someone that is difficult to communicate with.

You want great customer service, a great experience and a warranty. Most painters will provide a summary of work, other painters will provide a 10-year warranty on their craftsmanship. Ask for a written summary of what the guarantee on craftsmanship is.

Image title

Photo Credit: Marcus Design Production Designer: Kristi Zea 

Paint Guess: Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor SW 6236

Home Owners’ Painting Tip 8:

Record and file away your paint color so that when you move, your paint professional will not have to spend time (your money) to match the color.

Keep in mind however, paint colors by the name may vary over time from store to store, temperature to temperature, and over time as the materials and formulations companies use to make the color may change.

If you have any paint left over, save it. The paint left in the drum will age at the same pace as the paint on your wall.

Image title

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest 

Paint Guess: Sherwin Williams Dynamic Blue SW 6958

Happy Hunting!

Thank you for reading my notes on style, design and fine living- I hope you enjoyed them! If you need any assistance or, would like to see inside a home, I am happy to help. Just call, text or email!

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