New Years Resolutions For Solitude At Home

Dated: 01/07/2018

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Notes on Style Design and Fine Living

Brittany Stewart

If, unlike the Socialite your evenings and weekends are most rewarding when you are sunk in a wing back chair, reading your latest read, or cozy under your down comforter in disbelief by how many movies and shows are actually on Amazon Firestick (really, how long has Firestick been in the works? Did anyone else watch an episode of Just Shoot Me! from 1997?), then treat yourself to Hotel Living.

As someone who enjoys being home and is recharged by Solitude, Hotel Living is more than a design trend, it is guide for how to stimulate and relax all five senses and enjoy- rather than merely prefer- being at home.


Dress Your Candy Jar – or Fruit Bowl

The most indulgent of the senses is taste, so while candy jars are usually thought of for guests, dress a candy jar for yourself. If moderation is your goal, fill your candy jar with dried fruit or your favorite gum, or swap the candy jar for an arrangement of delicious exotic fruit. This season, grocers are stocking exotic imports like kiwano melon and dragon fruit.

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One of my most luxurious hotel experiences was at Hilton Chicago. There, the lobby bathroom is very well appointed, and the sinks are stocked with hand scrubs that are incredibly invigorating and smoothing. It is definitely an idea worth incorporating in your bathroom. Also at the sink, add a moisturizing rich hand cream.

Whole Foods makes an in-house batch of Lemon Poppy Seed sugar scrub that you may try to eat by the handful- but most likely should not. My favorite sugar scrub, made by ME! Bath, makes a Pomogrante Sherbert that leaves your hands feeling luxuriously soft and smelling like an expensive fruity Escada perfume.

Whole Foods North Raleigh,  Market at Colonnade8710 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina 27615

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Make extreme effort to make everything nice and neat- but be strategic. Treat yourself to disposable tableware. Purchase a clothing hamper for the bedroom but also for the bathroom too. Avoid catch-all drawers; purchase nesting baskets instead. Each basket should be used for a different category of items, making items easier to find when needed. To ensure your catch-all space looks neat, organize the baskets in tandem, but be absolutely sure the baskets do nest so that when one is empty, they can be nested for an intentional, well designed look.

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Wayfair has a beautiful selection of nesting metal and weaved baskets

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Marble patterned gold accented disposable paper plates, also at Wayfair.


Nothing is more welcoming than fragrance. Choose a fragrance for your home that has several identifiable notes. Freesia, for example, is a wonderful fragrance but when paired with English Pear, it takes on the profile of well blended, expensive parfum.

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Jo Malone has shared she doesn’t even begin to create a fragrance unless inspired.   


If you’re listening to ambient music or a podcast while your recharge, make sure it sounds great. For optimum sound quality, buy a Bose.

Happy Hunting!

Thank you for reading my notes on style, design and fine living- I hope you enjoyed them! If you need any assistance or, would like to see inside a home, I am happy to help. Just call, text or email!

Brittany Stewart

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Swann Group Realty

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