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Dated: 12/22/2017

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Brittany Stewart  

The most appropriate way to begin this series of notes is, decidedly, with an introduction to my adoration for all things fantasy; all things crafted- not merely made, but crafted, things made in the spirit of luxury, grander and indulgence. From small indulgences, like the infinity stem Camille Wine Glasses from Crate and Barrel (made wildly famous and constantly out of stock by Olivia Pope) to those more extravagant, like ultra sleek Swarovski sculptures of wild game and predators faceted by artist Arran Gregory, there is no moment more wondrous in time than your first moment of owning an object brought to life from the inception of one single purpose: to pleasure the connoisseur.  

It’s no surprise then, that at 4:44 am when I had decided for the nth time to go to sleep, I had to read one more article, CNBC’s write up on the most expensive home in the world. At least, that is all my mostly closed eyes caught at first glance. After propping up under a Ralph Lauren pillow- no softer than the classic Beautyrests Belk also carries, but I had to experience that for myself- I was able to read the title: The Man Who Bought The ‘World’s Most Expensive Home’ Has Reportedly Been Unmasked. In the article, the owner was speculated, but remained unconfirmed. My interest however, was in the real estate.

Chateau Louis XIV: The Home. The Property. The Facts.

  • Last Sold:

In 2015, Chateau Louis XIV in Louveciennes, was reportedly sold to an anonymous buyer for $301 million dollars.

  • Price per Square Foot:

At 54,000 square feet, the Chateau is valued, based on the last purchase, at just over $5,574 per square foot.

The median price per square foot for your new home in Raleigh, North Carolina? reports that number to be $147 dollars per square foot. (For your new Cary, Wake Forest, Holly Springs or Apex home, the price is reportedly $154, $130, $131, and $148 dollars per square foot, respectively).

  • Architectural Style:

17th Century Baroque Castle. Although, I will interject that the façade features a very edited baroque silhouette. It is the interior architecture that features a showcase of moldings and gilding that baroque architecture is prized for.

  • Built:

2011. New construction!  

  • Location and Accessible Amenities:

Chateau Louis XIV in Louveciennes is only 34 minutes from central Paris, only 29 minutes from the Louvre Museum, Café Mollien anyone? And only 15 minutes from the Palace of Versailles! Location, location, location!

  • Property Amenities:

A Wine Cellar, Movie Theater, Indoor Pool, Aquarium, 57 Acre Hedged Garden featuring Topiaries, a collection of Marble Statues, including that of Louis XIV in Carrara Marble and a Hunting Compund (under construction, based on permit records submitted by the property’s architect at the local town hall). Several of the home’s indoor and outdoor amenities and operating systems, including the Gold Leaf Fountain, can be all remotely controlled by iPhone.

But, ‘tis the season to spend! If you have set aside a little something to gift yourself or a loved one something special for the home, below is a curated list of holiday sparkle for any size stash.


Great Harvest Bread Company Cinnamon Swirl Bread Under $10

Baked from scratch daily, Great Harvest Bread Company Cinnamon Swirl loaf is the ultimate breakfast bread.

8801 Lead Mine Road Raleigh, North Carolina 27615


Hampton Street Stripe Stemless Champagne Glass Set (2) $50

Nothing is more chic than champagne and gold.

Image title


Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 on Vinyl

For the Audiophile: Remastered. Limited Edition. Special Edition. Enough said. $195.49



Tom Dixon, Large Brass Vessel $460

Exquisitely sculptural.

Image title


Jonathan Adler, Rider Bench $795

Jonathan Adler undoubtedly rises form to function.

Image title


Zaha Hadid: Complete Works, 1979-2009 $1200

A masterful architect and sculptor of space, Zaha Hadid was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize. A look at her accomplishments in the built environments lives in Zaha Hadid: Complete Works.

Image title


Solo Rugs, Overdyed Vibrance Rug $4895

Every well appointed home should have- does have- a spectacular statement piece that earns

compliments and inspires conversation. This boldly effervescent hued rug, is one of those pieces.

Image title

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for reading my notes on style, design and fine living- I hope you enjoyed them! If you need any assistance or, would like to see inside a home, I am happy to help. Just call, text or email!

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