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Dated: 12/24/2017

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Brittany Stewart

The most powerful ability of atmosphere is that it instantly transforms where you are, not just externally, but very much internally as well. Very easily, you can be transported to another place and time through the allure of well chosen objects and colors. Just as sure as you are traipsing around on your new RH Modern (by Restoration Hardware) vintage velvet Manhattan Fabric Sofa in your newly painted great room, you can also be at the Selfridge’s Tiffany store in London, traipsing around there, on a kaleidoscope of marble floors, in your equally plush yet tailored velvet club chair, sipping champagne and watching refractions of your best self in mirrored furniture.

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RH Modern vintage velvet Manhattan Fabric Sofa by John Birch

For example, 19 Sassafras Lane in Clayton, North Carolina is a home currently available for purchase and listed with Swann Group Realty. The home is architecturally dynamic however, it is strikingly clear, the Chef, the Gourmand, and the Hostess were all considered when the kitchen and living room materials and layout were planned. The Sassafras kitchen houses an expansive bar height island, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, a spacious light flooded breakfast nook, and a very thoughtful lighting plan (which features strategically placed recessed lighting and accent pendent lighting); every detail makes the kitchen a wonderful place to dine and entertain. The best feature still, is that the kitchen is completely open to the living room.

The Sassafras open kitchen concept instantly placed me in one of my favorite kitchens, that of the spontaneous chocolate croissant baker and pastry chef Jane Adler (as played by Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated). So much so that I began a Wishlist- a Wishlist so robust, it needed a name so, I entitled it, If I Were the Hostess of19 Sassafras Lane.

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Jane Adler’s Kitchen. Designed by Beth Rubino and Jon Hutman 

If I Were the Hostess of 19 Sassafras Lane

If I Were the Hostess of 19 Sassafras Lane, I would visit the The Flower Cupboard in Cary, North Carolina (a wonderful florist) twice monthly and pick up the extravagantly green arrangement, The Rain Song. The arrangement is a dance of two white flowers, one purely white and one shy in color with a blush of indigo. If your taste more closely aligns with that of Jane Adler, they also design gorgeous seasonal European Garden arrangements.

The Flower Cupboard, 4216 NW Cary Parkway Cary, NC 27513, (919) 467-4161

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If I Were the Hostess of19 Sassafras LaneI would opt for a more contemporary take on the rustic stools Jane Adler brought home and choose a sculptural zebra wood stool, like this one here, the Grotto Mid-Century Modern Barstool, in Zebra and White.

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And certainly, If I Were the Hostess of 19 Sassafras Lane, I would add drapery in a rich earth neutral- slate, stone, or sand- before dressing the breakfast nook with a banquette, glossy table and comfortable chairs with enough cushion for lounging through long dinners and several rounds of cocktails.

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The perfect banquette for the Sassafras kitchen

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The perfect inspiration for a welcoming breakfast nook. Photo Credit Prezona

Ever the hostess, Jane Adler kept a very welcoming spread on the countertops- coffee, dessert, fruit- and if I had a Sassafras layout, I would too. Stainless steel and chrome are the jewelry of any room, so If I Were the Hostess at19 Sassafras Lane I would add lots of that also.  

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The Nespresso machine to own. If it’s one of Oprah's favorite things, it should be one of yours too.

Whole Foods Hummingbird Cake.  

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If you are a picky eater like me, you have noticed the taste of any dish will vary from establishment to establishment, even inside of the most well-run restaurant, café or eatery chain. The most densely indulgent Whole Foods Southern Hummingbird Cake in the Triangle is at Cary Whole Foods: 102B New Waverly Place, Cary NC 27518 

Martha Stewart Collection. To shake, not stir. Available at Macy’s

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Happy Holidays!

Thank you for reading my notes on style, design and fine living- I hope you enjoyed them! If you need any assistance or, would like to see inside a home, I am happy to help. Just call, text or email!

Brittany Stewart

New Client Coordinator

Swann Group Realty

(919) 421-1106

[email protected]

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